Clone. Redirect. Rotation. Cloaking. Stats.
AIO plugin with features as Hijack, Popup, Track, Rotation, Cloaking And Page Jacker
WP Profit Redirect Features:
Unlimited Rotation with distribution of Visits and Conditionals Filter .
Incredible Page Jacker system and Cloning Landing
Super Cloaking System Traffic
Filters Funnel and Unlimited Split Testing: Simple, IP, Geolocation, Referer, Browser, Device and URL Parameters.
Method Redirect: 301, 302, 307, Meta Refresh, Iframe, Content Download and Javascript.
Remove the referrer and Protect yourself from Bot and crawlers with our system.
Great system of statistics and tracking.
New Update V.2.7.5 + Forum with tutorials and Bonus
Why should you get WP Profit Redirect?
I list some of the most usual cases to use WP Profit Redirect:

1 Split testing

The best way to increase profits in you campaigns is by Split Testing, so thanks to "WP Profit Redirect" you can send visits to an specific Landing, for example the users coming from a particular country, coming from a particular device, a browser, an Ip or a referrer And all this with conditionals and concatenation/trigger filter.

2 Clone a successful Offer

The best way to make money quickly is doing research offers and use these same successful landing for your campaigns. Thanks to "Page Jacker Live Editor" you can clone landing in seconds and edit it to your liking changing everything you can think of and adding your affiliate links or CPA.

3 Cloaking

We often use some Aggressive Landing page for our offers and our links could be removed at any time. Now with WP Profit Redirect you have the opportunity to avoid this. You can show to reviewers, crawlers and Ips a different page than the one for real visitors. This won´t let them close your account. But these are not all the benefits of WP Profit Redirect, it has update database of ip companies, has a successful method to add the IP from our own statistics that we believe are reviewers to Cloaking advanced options.

4 Hijack Traffic

Hijack the Traffic and Social Proof of ANY Website. Use any authority website and use it in your domain as if it were yours, adding the add-ons you need and editing anything.

5 Share on Facebook (Post Jacker)

Imagine you have an article on your website but want the post it of Facebook with a different image and a different URL (for example the CNN). With WP Profit Redirect this is possible; thanks to this you will increase the success of your posts.

6 Page Jacker

Besides the mentioned Post Jacker and cloning offers, it has the method Page Jacker. It works showing you the user that is viewing the page CNN, but this is done behind your domain, and over adding your links of affiliates, your own actions like: Popup, CTA Bar and Back Button Redirection.

7 CPA with SEO

Imagine again that you have an article positioned in Google and you want to insert CPA offers or affiliate link, but we know that Google doesn´t like this, well with WP Profit Redirect you can hide those to Google and display a page without those affiliate links.

8 Bulk Replace Keywords

With WP Profit Redirect you can list multiple keywords and replace those keywords with your affiliate link, Choosing the post you want and hiding the links to the bots, if you want.

9 Statistics

Thanks to our great system of statistics you can control visits completely as any other plugin.

10 Modules

In addition to all previously added we can’t forget that we offer different methods of redirection and page jacker to create your campaigns. And we offer modules such as Popup, CTA BAR, Notification Box, Smart Banner for mobile and Back Button Redirection, Adblocker Notification. It is also compatible with Ninja Popup.

11 Update

This plugin began as a little thing and now you can see that is always updated with the best methods and increasing the price. This is the best of a wordpress plugin that is always updated.

12 Bonus

You will find many bonus download and methods inside.
Page Jacker Live Editor in action. Clone Landing Page in 2 seconds


Trigger and Conditional Filter

New Rotation System
Rotation system controlled by the weight and conditionals of filters.

Multiple methods of redirecting
You can choose from different methods of redirection and we are also updating more.

New Cloaking System
With our system of cloaking you can publish anywhere, safely.

Funnel Links.
You can make different types of funnels and order as you like.

Hide affiliate links
You have the option to hide affiliate links in post and pages to search engines.

Cloaking Post
Hide your landing page to specific traffic sources.

Rotation by States
Now you can send and redirect traffic depending on the states of USA.

CTA Bar and Popup
You can create Popup and notifications on your landing page. Including compatibility with ninja popups

Bounce and Exit Popup
You can use a custom url to the previous button on the browser and alert the user when they try to go out of the landing page.

Split Testing
For each funnel method you can make infinite split testing.

Custom Report
Great set of statistics for each campaign, simple and effective

Report by Funnel
You will see the reports of each type of funnel so you can analyze what has been the best

Details Visits
In addition to the different types of reports, you can analyze in detail each visit to your site, with lots of information.

Affiliate Links
You can quickly generate automatically links keywords to the campaigns you need

QR Generator
Each campaign generates a QR Code to use it anywhere, as another method of attraction

Control Referers
You can control referrers through several filters and launch your preferred landing page

No monthly payments
A big difference to another market tracking is that they charge a big money every month. We have decided to help people start with one payment.

Use your domain
You will have to use url shorteners no longer to hide the tracking, and you can now use any clean domain.

Protect yourself from the crawlers
We are so excited to offer this great system cloaking, feel free to see how it works.

Periodic updates
We do not stop, and we will be updating our system with new improvements and methods.
What use can i give to WP Profit Redirect?
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Bing Campaigns
  • Redirecting Traffic By Filter
  • CPA Campaigns
  • Adsense Campaigns
  • Short Link
  • Afilliate Link
  • Capture Emails
  • And much more....
Two simple way to use WP Profit Redirect
WP Profit Redirect And The Usability
With the help of wordpress and Develop team we have built one of the best plugin in the market: Easy, intuitive and effective.
Choose A Post Or Your Own Slug
Or Both.
Ease When Choosing The Method Of Redirection.
Ease Configuration In Social Meta Tag
Ease In Creating Rotations
Simple Options
Great System Stats
Report by Country and much more...
Details Visitor
Features Profit Redirect
  • Conditionals Filter and Trigger Filter
  • Backup URL
  • Post Cloacking And Redirection
  • Page Jacker
  • Shorten and Custom Slug
  • Multiple Method Redirection
  • Link Funnel
  • Split Testing
  • Blank Referer
  • Keyword Replacement
  • Cloacking
  • Custom Parameter Forwarding
  • Social Meta Tags
  • Robot Meta Tags
  • Code Pixel
  • Multiple Filter Rotation
  • Shortcodes for Device, Browser, Plataform, Referer and geolocation
  • Geo IP
  • Referers Cloacking
  • Mobile Browser Redirection
  • Order Filters Funnels
  • Block Bot and Crawlers
  • Bot Cloacking
  • Debug Iframe
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Traffic Statistics by Country
  • Traffic Statistics by Referer
  • Traffic Statistics by Device
  • Traffic Statistics by Browser
  • Details Statistics Visitor
  • And more to come...
Modules in Profit Redirect

With WP Profit Redirect, you have the ability to create your own popup, or use the Plugin Ninja Popups, which have integrated.
You can also create CTA Bar up and down the page when you create a campaign with Page Jacker.
With this module you can show in notifications to visitors, anywhere on the page.
Work for IOS and Android
It added the possibility when someone click browser back button, redirect to the page you want.

Remember: When the counter ends new updates will be released and the price increase.
Get WP Profit Redirect Now for $65 Just $49
The price increases when new updates come.
If you buy now you will have all the updates.


1 Active Domains | A year Updates
WP Profit Redirect

Multi License

10 Active Domains | Lifetime Updates
WP Profit Redirect - Multi License

Agency License

20 Active Domains | Lifetime Updates
WP Profit Redirect - Agency Lincense
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the difference between other plugins?
Unlike other similar plugins this one stands out for its simplicity and the diferent systems or methods the redirection and rotation, also new updates are coming to Profit Redirect every day.

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements are WordPress 4.4.0, PHP version 5.6 or Superior. If you have the latest version of WordPress and you're on a decent hosting plan, you should be fine.
The new versions require IonCube, normally installed on all servers, if not the case, you have support and a tutorial of how it is done.

Can I use this software with a free website or custom script?
No, does not support the installation of third party WordPress plugins. Bur if you need "Profit Redirect" for a custom code let us know, we will study your case with pleasure.

Do You Offer PLR or Re-Sale Rights?
No, you can use Profit Redirect on an PLR or Re-Sales Righ.

I Have Profit Redirect, I Can I Update FREE?
Yes, you get every FREE Update and will be sent to you automatically. Profit Redirect is constantly updated with the best performance and market methods.

Is Profit Redirect a monthly recurring service to use the system?
With Profit Redirect, there are no monthly commitments. Your investment is a one-time fee.

Do you provide customer support for Profit Redirect?
Yes! Our friendly support team are available if you need any help using Profit Redirect.

Do I need to own a website to run Profit Redirect?
Yes, You need a WordPress site. In a few minutes to install wordpress site.
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